The following are the locations to our  Group Yoga Classes. Please check out our facebook page for regular updates.


Monday - 1000 1115 Girvan Opportunities Centre,  20A  Henrietta Street

              Girvan, Ayrshire, KA26 9AL


Tuesday  - 930 -1100 Citadel Leisure Centre, Ayr (Please pay & book via gym)


Wednesday 925 - 1025 Alloway Church Halls ( behind Alloway church)  Alloway, Ayr KA7 4PQ ·


Thursday   1115 -1215 - Beginners class Kilwinning Community  Sports Centre, Kilwinning

                                          ( community class)

                      510-610 Ailsa hospital (Nhs staff only)

                       630-730 Maybole Carrick Centre,


                       735-835  Beginners Class Maybole Carrick Centre,

Friday     1315 1415 Beginners Gentle Hatha. yoga class  ( community class)

                       Tesco, Whitletts Road,  Ayr

Sunday    1600-1700 Blastfitness, Crown Street, Ayr (contact gym direct to book & pay)

At Home

Please note that 1:1 sessions  are available at the comfort of your own home and available outside the above times.    If you are new to yoga or have been away from it for some time private sessions maybe the class for you to help you focus on your own goals and aspirations. Each session is tailored to what you want, whether it be complete relaxation, meditation, positive thinking or exercise.  You may just want a one off session to kick start your healthy lifestyle. contact for further info.

Corporate Sessions  

This is tailored for large or small organisations and buisnesses. Many employee's can be off work for long periods of time due to stress, anxiety, bereavement or poor health.  Hamonise Yoga can offer sessions such as relaxation, exercise and breathing techniques to help individuals cope with these issues in a positive way. The sessions can be incorporated into team building, away days, team meetings and staff training.   For further information please contact

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 Sam Ewing