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Ruth has taught in Primary & Nursery schools and also to 12-18 year olds within the Army Cadet Force across Ayrshire, aswell as providing 1-1 sessions and small group sessions in cafe's and toddler groups.
She trained with Rainbow Kids Yoga in 2011,  the course included the following;
  • Over 350 yoga poses for kids
  • Creative yoga games
  • Breathing and meditation games
  • Relaxation with guided imagery
  • Basic partner acrobatics
  • Partner and Community Yoga for Kids & Teens
  • Thai massage

  • Registered Yoga School with the Yoga Alliance UK check out the website for further details; www.rainbowkidsyoga.net
    Each class is always very differernt depending on the dynamics of the group and ages. During the classes for younger children we take them on a journey visting lots of places of interest to them,  it can be to the beach, space, forrest, haunted castle or even undert the sea. We incorpoate movement, visualisation, music relaxation, breath work and have lots of fun along the way. Here is only 1 example of a trip to the undersea to children aged bewteen 3 -9.
    1) Warm up game of introductions
    2) Journey to the sea by boat, plane etc
    3) Sea dance (similar to sun salutations)
    4) Acting out the different sea animal poses seahorse, fish. crab. dophin, shark, catfish, jelly fish, octopus, starfish etc
    5) Rock relaxation pose
    6) Musical statue game
    7) End in relaxation/story telling/drawing
    8 )Child is given out a small reward of sticker etc to remind of how well they did.
    The following are just a few examples of some of the tools that we use in each of the different age groups
    Birth - 1 year old - massage, singing, relaxation, cuddles and movement.
    1-3 years old - singing, dancing, games, yoga journey, play with soft toys.
    3-6 years old - counting, singing, sound effects of animals, yoga journey wizard, dancing, lots of games and obstacle course.
    7-9 years old - partner sequences, wave, follow my body, rolling into poses.
    10 - 12 years old - fun is not enough for kids of this age the class has tol be very cool, challenging yoga poses, partner acrobatics, dance drama, yoga gym, deep breathing, discussions.
    Teenagers - relaxation, partner work, meditation, breath work, more difficult poses that require concentration.