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"A BIG THANKYOU to Ruth for providing such a fun experience of yoga to the children. Our health and wellbeing evening was a huge success with the children enjoying both the exercise and healthy eating taster session (who would have thought it)! We hope to see you again soon, Ruth for another fantastic event.Many thanks,"
"I had lots of fun Mrs yoga. I hope I can do it again sometime. All of my friends had a great time too. Thank you!" Nathan  (age 8)
"Ruth is very enthusiastic and energetic. Her yoga sessions with the children were fast paced and interactive with props and activities to interest the children. She gave every child a little gift each week....a smiley face, a star or a shell to remind them of the session and help them reflect on what they had done. Some of the children listened carefully, responded positively and looked forward to the next session" Linda Head Teacher Drongan Nursery
" I have been attending Ruth's yoga sessions for 2 years and i find her approach to be friendly and informative whilst maintaining a high level of professionalism.  Ruth has the knack for making everyone in the class feel like a team and invloves us all.  It is a pleasure attending her class." Lorraine, Ayr
   "My 7 year old daughter's yoga birthdy party was a great success.  It was fun, active, kept them all interested and was well organised. I especially liked the relaxation bit at the end which calmed them all down just before their parents arrived.  I would definitely recommend it to others."  Kerry Ayr
 What the kids said!
"I liked it" I felt "good"
"I liked the singing bit about the butterfly" I felt "warm"
"I liked Mr. Happy" I felt "fine"
"I liked doing yoga....I liked the dog" I felt "happy"
"I liked the crocodiles and the boats"  "It made me feel tired"
"I liked skipping" I felt "puffed out"
"I liked going on a journey and the butterfly song"
"In the one to one lessons, Ruth helps me to focus on my goals and what I want to achieve, tailoring the lessons to suit me and my lifestyle. I feel really motivated because Ruth encourages me to do a little as often as I can, giving me techniques that I can use both at work and at home. Consequently, I am able to fit in yoga several times a day and am progressing quickly, seeing positive results in my energy levels, mood and body tone within as little as a few weeks"
Christine, Ayr      
 I have been going to Ruth’s yoga class for almost 3 years and feel the benefit in my body and life.
The class is fun but very beneficial as well. I always sleep really well after the class z z z z z z z z
Janet, Ayr
 " I feel more flexible, balanced and relaxed" SA, Kilmarnock
  "I always enjoy Ruth's classes as she makes the class fun &  is always helpful.  I leave feeling relaxed, refresed and ready to use yoga in my day to day life" JL, Ayr
"It is lovely to leave your stresses at the door, and leave the class feeling totally relaxed". AR, Ailsa class
" Ruth has a gently attitude and her understanding of yoga is very good.  She makes sure that you can do what your body allows and to maintain a calmness fom the start to the end of your practice.  She has a lovely soothing voice for relaxation, meditation & chanting which is very welcoming, she is also very approachable if you have questions about yoga". Aileen, Crosshill
"I have throughly enjoyed all the classes I participated with Ruth Kenny as the teacher. She is patient and has a very calm and soothing manner. Ruth is able to communicate the benefits of Yoga to the various clients I support whom I encourage to attend her class. I would recommend Ruth as a teacher to anyone regardless of age and ability".
Louise , Ayr
 "I have attended Ruth’s yoga classes for the last few months with the intention of hoping that my chronic back pain would be eased. I find that her approach is very professional and person-centred. She allows individuals to go at their own pace and I certainly felt no pressure. I also feel that Ruth is able to instinctively know what each individual needs from the yoga session yet she does regularly check that clients are okay throughout the session.  Ruth is well-presented, caring and excellent at yoga. Because of her teachings of Yoga I have been able to be more aware of my own breathing and my back pain has gone. I would recommend Ruth’s yoga to anyone. "  Sara, Kilmarnock