Frequently Asked Questions

What type of yoga do you teach?
Classical Hatha yoga, we teach a number of variations for each of the asana's (poses) which are suitable to meet your own  needs.  Therefore, it does not matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced student, I can guarantee  you will find a pose that you can practice.  There are many different styles of Hatha yoga, the style I teach is Sivananda which has relaxation in between most of the poses.  If you go to the following link  you can find out more information;
Is it the same exercises every class?
We have a series of postures that we practice on a regular basis,  however you will find that the content of the class will always be different.  Repetition of the 12 basic postures will improve flexibility. The class is often adapted to the students that are in the class for example some weeks students are asked if they wish to focus on particular parts of the body ie back bends or we have longer periods of relaxation, different styles of meditation and positive thinking are also often included. We will work through a number of postures and cover different breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation. 
Click on  Hatha Yoga Exercises (Asana's) for further details on the class exercises
What should I bring?
Bring a mat/towel or rug what ever is most comfortable & affordable, you can purchase mats for as low as £6 in some places. If you have straps, blocks etc you can bring them along. You can also bring along a small blanket & eyemask (only if in posession) for final relaxation. If you do not have a blanket you can bring a long sleeved top, You can also bring a bottle of water to take at the end of the class.
What should I wear?
Something comfortable, loose fitting trousers and a top.  You do not have to buy any special clothes. Yoga is normally practiced in bare feet, however, some people like to keep their socks on, the choice is yours.
I have some health issues can I still come along?
There are students who attend classes who suffer from a number of health issues such as asthma, athritis, back problems and other aches and pains.  After a period of time most students find an improvement in their condition. However, it is always recommended that you seek professional medical advise before you attend any class or start any exercise regime.  You know your body better than anyone else, therefore, we always advise you to be comfortable in all the poses, feeling a stretch but not being in any pain!
 How long to I have to wait to eat before i take the class?
Try not to eat a couple of hours before the class ie large heavy meals, you will be placing pressure on certain parts of the body, therefore if you have just eaten a large meal it maybe very uncomfortable. If you need to eat have a banana or something vey light.
Can I arrive early or late to the class?
In all of the bases they should be open at least 10 minutes before the class.  All classes start promptly so try to aim to be there at least 5 minutes before what time it is stated on the website.  If you are slightly late don't worry about it, all we ask is that you be mindful of the other students when you come in.
 I am interested in your 1:1 sessions but unsure if I can afford them weekly.
At Harmonise Yoga we try to keep our costs as low as possible to ensure a professional service.  You can try a one off session for as low as low as £40.00 which is for 1hr this includes consultation and a individual work out session.  You may only need one session to kick start your healthy routine.  In comparison to how much would you spend on a haircut, nails, meal out or an outfit, the price is competitively low. You can book a session weekly,  fortnightly, monthly or 6 weekly, what ever suits your finances. After attending a 1:1 session you will be entitled to a discount on the group classes.

How do i pay for a class?
Harmonise yoga classes are booked via this website, please follow the link and search for your preferred class, all details are on the link provided.   

If you have any problems for paying for classes online please let me know and we can make alternative arrangements.

For Bookings via gym please book & pay via the gym direct
It is recommended to all students that they seek medical advise before they start any exercise regime. Each person is required to complete medical form. 
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Ruth at


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