Yoga of Recovery

I qualified in February 2010 in this recovery course, i will running workshops in the near future.If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me at

About The Course: Yoga of Recovery is the first comprehensive course to combine Ayurveda and Yoga with traditional recovery tools to offer a more holistic mind, body, spirit approach to addiction and self-destructive behaviors.

This course is for therapists, social workers, addiction counselors, sponsors, yoga teachers, Ayurvedic practitioners etc. Anyone interested in a more holistic and complete view of the problem and its solution. Bringing the west (12 Steps) and the East (Yoga and Ayurveda) together offers us a truly empowering approach to counseling those who embark on a program of recovery.

Upon completion of the course you will have the skills to introduce the healing potential of the holistic sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga into your own life and those around you.

Open to all who are looking to overcome self-destructive or addictive tendencies, people with histories of addiction or family members with addiction. Every age group and all addictive and self-destructive tendencies are addressed. We require alcohol/chemically dependent guests to have at least 3 months of continuous sobriety. Those with eating disorders and behavioral addictions (relationships, gambling, spending etc.) should have enough stability to embark on this work. You do not need to be a yoga practitioner or a member of a 12 step program to come on the retreat. Although the teaching makes reference to the 12 steps, Yoga of Recovery is an independent retreat for people in recovery and is not affiliated with any 12 step program. Attendance at the open 12 step meeting offered is optional.

The Yoga of Recovery retreat offers tools and a viable solution for maintaining health and wellness in recovery.   

Ayurveda deals with body, mind and spirit, offering many simple therapies to help repair damage caused by any addiction or self-destructive behavior.  It uses diet & herbs, aromatherapy, color therapy, sound therapy and body treatments as its five sense therapies.  Ayurveda gives us practical tools such as proper daily and seasonal routines.  It also employs yogic methods, like Yoga postures (asana) and breathing exercises (Pranayama), to treat both physical and mental disease.  On top of that it has a whole branch of knowledge relating to detoxification and rejuvenation at all three levels – body, mind and soul. 

The Yoga of Recovery retreat brings together three powerful healing modalities - Yoga, Ayurveda and 12 Step Recovery.  This is the first and only retreat that offers this powerful combination with a daily schedule including yoga asana and pranayama classes; meditation; Ayurveda workshops; Ayurvedic Consultations; Ayurvedic body treatments; talks on Yoga and techniques to understand and train the mind; and ‘open’ 12 Step meetings.